negozio2Since the Seventies the Rindi familiy was devoted to the research of clothing suitable for boating lovers and workers.
In those years it was quite difficult to find the items and the fabrics appropriate to produce a collection that had to be continuous and at a reasonable price.
Saverio e Grazia often used to travel through Italy so they managed to get in touch with several craftsman available to tailor trousers, sweaters, shirts and all the other required accessories. This production was supported by an embroiderer that personalized the items with names of the crew or boats. Nowadays despite all these years, thank to the daughters Cristina’s and Stefania’s help the store placed in Via coppino runs still tha same business but now they can avail specialized suppliers in technical’s and outdoor’s wear. This allows a much faster service.
Inside the store you can find a large range of clothing of any type and fabric (staring from a simple t-shirt getting to polos, shorts, pants, to jackets etc ).
Together we will decide how to decorate and personalize with embroideries and prints the crew’s uniforms but also for the trade companies. In our store you can always find famous brands as Slam, Musto, Harvest, Clique, Sol’s, Craft etc. Instead for the lovers of nautical style in leisure we can suggest you the Paul & shark collection and Musto’s and Slam’s fashion line.
We assure a continuous selection all year round, with wordwide deliveries.

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